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C&D Court Services works on a sliding fee scale.  The sooner in the month you appear for your visit, the less you pay.  The longer you wait to come in, the more you pay.  So plan accordingly and come early in the month!
Click on the pdf link below to view or print calendar.  
NOTE TO ALL CLIENTS:  The calendar below is the Probation reporting calendar advising you when we will be at our offices and the time for probation.  There are going to be days not listed on the calendar when you will be doing a UA.  Make sure you are calling the hotline daily to see if your color is called.  There may be days when we are in an office for probation and your color is called but there may also be days that we are doing only UA's at a certain office.  Make sure you are calling the UA hotline daily at 801-621-2026 to find out if you UA.